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Welcome to Kronologic!

What our tribe has to say...

  • Marc Mangiafico

    Senior Account Executive

  • Best place I’ll probably ever work in my life

    Matt Rattray

    UI Lead, Senior Engineer

  • I've had the autonomy to grow tremendously in my role at Kronologic, and I see this happening with almost everyone else I work with. The culture is trusting because of open and transparent dialogue.

    Genevieve Mitchell

    Product Manager

  • Working at Kronologic has allowed me to grow incredibly quickly. I am constantly surrounded by the smartest people I've ever met. It is an extremely fun atmosphere and working environment. It is fast-paced, exciting, and at no time does it ever feel like a "job"/ work.

    Sam Lawson

    Software Engineer

Values that guide Kronologic as a Team

Beliefs that influence our actions and our interactions, and shape the way we see the world:

  • Bias for Action

    In dealing with the fruits of our creativity in engineering, design, and in strategy; we have a strong Bias for Action.

  • Truth

    Lasting progress is made fastest when we start with the Truth. Ideas and opinions matter, but we concede and align when there is evidence and proof. Teamwork is really an ACT, not a word, inside of Kronologic.

  • Expertise

    Preparation, diligence, and experiences gained thru trial and error in our pursuit of success are what set Kronologic apart as the keepers of unique knowledge that we can share with customers and partners.

  • The Premium Tribe

    Our employees strive to be their very best, and we boost each other along; united together into something more on this journey.

  • Movement! /= Work

    We measure results, not hours and reward progress, not activity.

  • Comfortable being Uncomfortable

    We have faith and confidence in unchartered waters. No one has done this before, so let's do it.